Men's Division

Beaver Dam

2013 World Series Stickball Champions
Jerseys: Red (Primary) / White (Secondary)

Bok Cito

Jerseys: White (Primary) / Red (Secondary)

Bok Homma

Jerseys: Sky Blue (Primary) / Red (Secondary)

Koni Hata

Jerseys: Royal Blue (Primary) / White (Secondary)

MS Chahta

Jerseys: Olive (Primary) / White (Secondary)

Nanih Waiya

Jerseys: Gray (Primary) / Maroon (Secondary)


Jerseys: Orange (Primary) / Black (Secondary)

Oka Homma

Jerseys: Yellow (Primary) / Red (Secondary)

Okla Hannali (OK)

Jerseys: Neon Yellow (Primary) / Black (Secondary)

Pearl River

Jerseys: Navy Blue (Primary) / White (Secondary)

Tiak Hikiya

Jerseys: Purple (Primary) / Yellow (Secondary)


Jerseys: Green (Primary) / Yellow (Secondary)

Tvshka Homma (OK)

Jerseys: Sky Blue (Primary) / Red (Secondary)


Jerseys: Hunter Green (Primary) / Orange (Secondary)

War Eagles

Jerseys: Black (Primary) / White (Secondary)


Jerseys: Maroon (Primary) / White (Secondary)

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Adult Season: $20
Adult Day: $12
Student Season: $10
Student Day: $7
Ages 5 and Under: Free

Pre-Fair Sale:

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